US Coastguard RBM Launch

In this very interesting video from the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel the author Destin is given a feel of the power of a pair of Detroit Diesel 2-stroke 6-cylinder engines of 825 horsepower on a waterjet propelled and super manoeuvrable US Coastguard response boat medium – the RBM.

As well as the gulf coast sunshine, the remarkable coasty training in evidence, and sheer power of the boat. you get an insight into how important keeping an eye on your 15W/40 marine engine oil is.

The US Coastguard utilise a very neat mechanical device called the falling ball as in this image that allows them to test oil for fuel ingress right there and then on the water after taking oil samples!

Marine Engine Oil Test Device

All in all, it is mighty impressive to see a jet boat like this at full speed and then basically do a handbrake skid to a halt – not to far removed from the reversing thrust buckets on a commercial airliner when it comes in to land on the runway!

Destin goes interesting places like Opal mines, nuclear submarines, and literal rocket factories as well as meeting Mr Obama – his channel can be seen here. 

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