Napier Sabre Aero Engine

In these very interesting videos from Flight Dojo YouTube channel a salute is given to the astounding performance of the wartime power plant of the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest fighter aircraft.

An extremely potent blend of compact racing engine design and wartime necessity made this innovative and original design of 24 cylinder in 2 flat horizontally opposed 12-cylinder banks something of an ultimate petrol-powered aero engine.

There are relatively few common horizontally opposed internal combustion engines in use now, the Porsche 911 car and some MTU or Tedom diesel-hydraulic train power packs being an exception to the rule, these just don’t come close to the Sabre however!

As you watch these videos it becomes clear the incredible power-to-weight ratio that was achieved with often indifferent interest from the air ministry and of course the 25hp Coffman explosive starter must have been impressive as well!

One can only speculate on engine oil challenges faced by mega-powerful high output petrol piston engines and the violent movements that aerial combat must have involved. 

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