Outboard Engine Oil 10W30


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With the exposed position of outboard engines and potential heavy use in power boats and throttle variation you need the latest automotive-type high-performance 10W/30 outboard engine oil like this to E9 standard. Ensures extra low friction is maintained for longer and emissions are reduced.

This outboard motor oil is a low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulphur) product that can also be used with certain inboard marine engines, especially where an EGR system or SCR diesel catalyst is fitted. A thoroughly modern and sophisticated mutigrade marine lubricant especially suited to power boats, launches, ribs, and as a jet ski oil.

Enjoy the thrill of the open sea or lake with high powered outboard engines by brands of 4-stroke propulsion like Cox, Honda, or Yamaha knowing that this high specification 10W SAE 30 multigrade Yamaha outboard motor oil 4 stroke – a leading choice among marine lubricants – keeps the engines well lubricated and exhaust emissions to a minimum.

Made to keep on performing from cold under a wide range of high stress operating temperatures in salt or fresh water and utilising the latest in stabilisers and additives technology, this is great option for stern-drive and propeller units of outboard engines.

Also a good option for auxilary and emergency or main ship or vessel onboard generator marine diesel engines to minimise cold start turnover and quickly go to work lubricating in the very best durable fashion.

Meets standards including MTU Type 2.1, API CK-4 CJ-4, Caterpillar ECF-3, Ford M2C171-F, M2C171-E, Mack EOS-4.5- Approval, JASO DH-2, Mercedes-Benz 228.31, DAF Euro 6 requirement.Cummins CES 20086, 20081, Deutz Diesel’s DQC-III-10 LA standard, ACEA E9, MAN M3575, M3275, Detroit Diesel DDC93K222, Detroit Diesel DDC93K218, Volvo VDS 4.5- approval, and Renault RVI RLD-3- approval,