Marine Diesel Engine Oil 1

One of a number of marine high speed diesel engines out there are of course Caterpillar who also own Perkins engines and FG Wilson generators.

Caterpillar Marine Diesel Engine

CAT UK have a plant in Wimbourne, Dorset, UK (see a video tour below) that manufactures popular units like the Perkins Sabre; the River class offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Navy are powered by Caterpillar marine engines.

Used across a wide range of yachts and power boats, Perkins diesel engines are made in a number of locations globally – including the Wimborne factory mentioned above. Download a factsheet here on Perkins engine plant.

Perkins Marine Diesel Engine

The Perkins 400, 1100, and 1200 series of engines are made here and they power marine auxilary generators or act as main propulsion system on a whole range of craft globally with legendary reliability and performance!

Marine Engine Oil

These diesel engines provide propulsion for small pleasure craft, high-speed powerboats, and commercial craft, including fishing vessels, dredgers, pilot boats, coast guard cutters and tugs.

You can read an interesting case study where Perkins worked with a small shellfish business in Scotland to deliver excellent fuel economy with the Perkins M185 engine. 

Fishing Boats

The seas of the north Atlantic off New Bedford, USA contain some rich scallops fishing but also have many a wreck – this is an interesting video about American fishermen and the risks they sometimes take:

In the interesting documentary below ‘Mega Diesel Engine’ from WELT YouTube channel you can watch each stage of making an MTU Series 8000 high speed marine diesel engine from the smelting and foundry in Bravaria to the assembly at the MTU Friedrichshafen plant on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany.

These power plants are high speed diesel engines for which our marine oils meet the MTU 2.1 specification. They are popular in catamarans, mega yachts and naval vessels and available in V12, V16, and V20 format, indeed 2 types (2000/8000) of MTU high speed diesel engines will power the new Royal Navy Type 31 frigates.