NauticOil has several new and exciting products that are hot off the press and ready to roll!

2 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil

Our new marine safe non-toxic 2 stroke outboard motor oil is coloured green, and it acts green as well. Specifically made to meet NMMA TC-W3 certification standards and offers an excellent value price via this website or yacht chandlers and marine stores.

2 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil

Marine Water-Resistant Grease

Packed in handy 500ml tubs with screw lids, our water-resistant grease uses a calcium sulphonate thickener to resist extreme wash out when under pressure from sea water, fresh water, or cutting oils in a machining scenario – take a look on this link!

NauticOil Coach Enamel Boat Paints

These high-grade solvent-based topcoat coach enamel paints are made to high standards in Germany and can handle the harsh outside weather, alternate temperatures and marine conditions very well.

Boat Paint

Offers a durable high gloss finish that will last well – packed 5 litres and stocked in black, JCB yellow, Manitou red gloss and more colours available.

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