NauticOil supply a range of very high viscosity index (HVI) hydraulic oils and HLP oils made from a blend of mineral oils with ultra-shear viscosity index improver and multi-purpose technical additives enhancing temperature and viscosity characteristics under heavy use.

Our hydraulic oils have a four-fold additive treatment package which gives anti-wear, anti-oxidation anti-corrosion and low foaming properties. The viscosity index improver reduces variation in viscosity with temperature movements. Suitable for use with almost all types of equipment, good heat protection and resistance to thermal degradation over a wide operating temperature range.

Hydraulic Oils For Ships

Suitable for both closed and total loss systems where an HVI oil is required, and particularly suitable for use in hydraulic systems operating in varied temperatures on vessels, from cold stores at minus 20oC to industrial systems working at high temperatures more than 180oC.