Caterpillar C32 ACERT Marine Diesel Engines

CAT C32 Marine Diesel Engine

What is it about the subdued, smooth, yet throbbing power that is tangible when marine propulsion engines like the CAT C32 V12 start up? Satisfying and dependable brute power!

Enjoy this pair of brutes in this video of an engine room as they fire and idle, this engine room is beautifully clean and looks like you could eat your lunch off the floor!

Able to meet both EPA Tier 3 and IMO (international maritime organisation) II emissions regulations, the CAT C32 ACERT is a well-respected 4-stroke V12 diesel engine with output in the 750-1800 bhp range.

Among other uses and platforms, the CAT C32 engines are used in the Royal Navy’s extended endurance offshore patrol vessels like HMS Tamar which form a key part of UK power-projection capability.

Do you need an eco-friendly engine room cleaner? Try BoatKleen as a good option. You may need marine engine oil and we can obviously help with that.

Large Marine Engine Start up Video

This video from the Chief Makoi YouTube channel shows a large ship engine start up procedure and how it reaches the optimal running speed .

Running on marine (or furnace) oil which is a fraction obtained from the crude oil distillation, this impressive DAIHATSU 6-cylinder 660kW marine diesel engine is taken through air-purge priming and start up to 900rpm and has engine speed settings adjusted before being shut down.

Marine fuel oil as a distillate or a residue is the heaviest and least volatile of fuels used in shipping propulsion engines like this or for engine-room auxiliary generator sets for navigation and lighting.

Lubrication Explained About Engine Oils

NOx, Fuel Efficiency, Emissions, Particulate Matter, ECR…

Dive deep in this no-nonsense lubrication expert on his Lubrication Explained YouTube channel, we certainly appreciate his expounding of trends in engine oils.

Among other content, it is explained that fully synthetic lubricant can improve fuel economy in a diesel engine.

Takes you through the notable progress that has been made as more and more stringent emissions standards without fouling diesel exhaust catalysts; an informative video for which we are very grateful.