Marine Lubricants Supplier Launches New Products

NauticOil has several new and exciting products that are hot off the press and ready to roll!

2 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil

Our new marine safe non-toxic 2 stroke outboard motor oil is coloured green, and it acts green as well. Specifically made to meet NMMA TC-W3 certification standards and offers an excellent value price via this website or yacht chandlers and marine stores.

2 Stroke Outboard Motor Oil

Marine Water-Resistant Grease

Packed in handy 500ml tubs with screw lids, our water-resistant grease uses a calcium sulphonate thickener to resist extreme wash out when under pressure from sea water, fresh water, or cutting oils in a machining scenario – take a look on this link!

NauticOil Coach Enamel Boat Paints

These high-grade solvent-based topcoat coach enamel paints are made to high standards in Germany and can handle the harsh outside weather, alternate temperatures and marine conditions very well.

Boat Paint

Offers a durable high gloss finish that will last well – packed 5 litres and stocked in black, JCB yellow, Manitou red gloss and more colours available.

Contact us on 01324 309100 or drop an email to

Marine Salvage

Martime Salvage

Unfortunately wrecks and collisions happen and even piracy on the high seas is still a fact of life in some areas. 

Check out these fascinating videos from Smit Salvage and Svizter telling the stories of re-floating the CP Valour in the Azores and raising the sunken Tricolour car carrier – 3000 tonnes at a time.

Gas Engine Oil Explained

Gas engines like those used in CHP plants, power generation facilities come in many brands and sizes from companies like Caterpillar, MTU, or Cummins. 

In this characteristicly simple and excellent video from the Lubrication Explained channel you have a tour of gas engine needs!

Gas Engine Oil

A natural gas engine from Cummins which is an important part of the company’s path to zero emissions.

Goes further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas and air quality impacts of its products in a way that is best for its customers and all stakeholders.

What Does TBN Mean And Why Does It Matter For Ship Propulsion?

What Does TBN Mean And Why Does It Matter For Ship Propulsion?

Marine engine oils

You might recall from high school chemistry lessons that ‘an acid plus a base equals a salt plus water’ a well known saying to many thousands of students; the TBN of a marine lubricant actually means Total Base Number.

A higher total base number means that a crank case or marine engine oil is more alkaline in nature due to the additives package with which the base oil is blended. As an aside, this high TBN additive package would likely damage the exhaust catalyst in a modern car or van…

Why Is This A Bit Unique To Shipping?

In short, despite the proliferation of press releases about use of biofuels and liquified natural gas in dual fuel trunk piston engines, many ship engines continue to run on HFO or heavy fuel oil.

HFO is known also as residual fuel, a helpful name pointer to the nature of this heavy black treacle-like fuel that is left behind after cracking by distillation has taken off fractions like DERV, petrol, LPG, kerosene and so on.

Ships Engine Oil Supplier

Residual fuels are cheap, that is the bottom line of why they are still the fuel of choice for the maritime industry with cargo vessels, bulk carriers, and tankers.

In the case of military naval vessels this seems to be less common with the use of gas turbine engines or high/medium speed diesel engine gensets from brands like MTU, Scania, or Wartsila using lighter distillates, marine diesel, or kerosene derived jet fuel.

The Acid Problem

Heavy fuel oil often contains a fairly high amount of sulphur (or sulfur) which, when combusted in the cylinders of a ship’s engine, leads to production of sulphuric acid, this damaging by-product of combustion needs a ‘base’ (another name for an alkali) to neutralise this acid.

Ship Engine Oil

This is the simple reason why trunk piston engine lubricating oil and engine oil for crosshead 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines on ships will often have a relatively high TBN.

It plays the role of an alkaline neutraliser in engines running on HFO fuel as well as acting as a cylinder lubricant to stop ring sticking on the liners.

Because of the huge size and specifically the stroke length of the cylinders, marine engine oils for these large powerplants from Bergen, MaK, MAN Energy Solutions, and Daihatsu, the cylinder oil is generally fairly viscous so that it stays in place on cylinders that can be 2 to 3 metres in height.

Talk over your ship oils needs with NauticOil, the specialists in supply of lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and marine greases with fast deliveries to yacht marinas, ship yards, ports and dry docks.

Marine Engines

Marine Engines – The World Of Caterpillar

Marine Engines Videos

These videos give you a fascinating insight to the MaK medium-speed marine engines plant in Kiel and the CAT marine engines plant in South Carolina, USA.

Discover the fascinating world of marine engines with both high-speed engines from Caterpillar like the C32 and C7.1 and the MaK stable of medium speed ship propulsion engines and auxiliary gensets, made in Germany.

Colossal crankshafts, phenomenal pistons, 2.5 metres of stroke per cylinder, these dual fuel trunk piston engines output multiple thousands of kilowatts of power running on natural gas or heavy fuel oil.

Watch the processes here and if you need ship oil or hydraulic oils just drop us an email to

Caterpillar C32 ACERT Marine Diesel Engines

CAT C32 Marine Diesel Engine

What is it about the subdued, smooth, yet throbbing power that is tangible when marine propulsion engines like the CAT C32 V12 start up? Satisfying and dependable brute power!

Enjoy this pair of brutes in this video of an engine room as they fire and idle, this engine room is beautifully clean and looks like you could eat your lunch off the floor!

Able to meet both EPA Tier 3 and IMO (international maritime organisation) II emissions regulations, the CAT C32 ACERT is a well-respected 4-stroke V12 diesel engine with output in the 750-1800 bhp range.

Among other uses and platforms, the CAT C32 engines are used in the Royal Navy’s extended endurance offshore patrol vessels like HMS Tamar which form a key part of UK power-projection capability.

Do you need an eco-friendly engine room cleaner? Try BoatKleen as a good option. You may need marine engine oil and we can obviously help with that.

Napier Deltic Marine Diesel Engine

Napier Deltic Marine Diesel Engine

Like the petrol-powered Sabre aero engine, the Napier Deltic was a remarkably high power-to-weight ratio engine with highly original features and layout to work in mainline express rail locomotives, minesweepers, and high output fire pumps.

A valveless 2-stroke diesel engine with pistons in opposed cylinders, the 3000+ horsepower arrangement found within the Class 55 locomotive with a total of 36 cylinders and 72 pistons across 6 crankshafts is remarkable – see more information in this video:

Within the marine arena, the Deltic marine diesel engines were historically used in Royal Navy minesweepers like HMS Ledbury, these were replaced by CAT C32 4 stroke diesel engine, which, to be fair, being a conventional 32 litre V12 4-stroke engine has likely been a lot more reliable!

Historically a Deltic engine was installed in a captured German E-Boat to replace the Mercedes Benz diesel unit and provided much more power at a fifth of the weight.

A technical marvel, the Deltic marine diesel engine also saw service in the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict, but these days is only found in heritage railway Class 55 examples.

Oil For Boat Engine

The specialist NauticOil 15W 40 oil for boat engine is optimised for use by heavy-duty diesel engines such as Cat, MTU, John Deere or Perkins brands of 4 stroke power plants.

Oil For Boat Engine

Discourages crank case and component corrosion, ring sticking, and lowers exhaust emissions and NOx or particulates with its low SAPS E9 standard formulation.

Blended from mineral oils and specialist additives, this 15 40 marine oil is suitable for SHPD super high performance diesel engines that are used in the marine environment where they run at high revolutions for extended periods.

Jet Boat At Speed

Large Marine Engine Start up Video

This video from the Chief Makoi YouTube channel shows a large ship engine start up procedure and how it reaches the optimal running speed .

Running on marine (or furnace) oil which is a fraction obtained from the crude oil distillation, this impressive DAIHATSU 6-cylinder 660kW marine diesel engine is taken through air-purge priming and start up to 900rpm and has engine speed settings adjusted before being shut down.

Marine fuel oil as a distillate or a residue is the heaviest and least volatile of fuels used in shipping propulsion engines like this or for engine-room auxiliary generator sets for navigation and lighting.

Lubrication Explained About Engine Oils

NOx, Fuel Efficiency, Emissions, Particulate Matter, ECR…

Dive deep in this no-nonsense lubrication expert on his Lubrication Explained YouTube channel, we certainly appreciate his expounding of trends in engine oils.

Among other content, it is explained that fully synthetic lubricant can improve fuel economy in a diesel engine.

Takes you through the notable progress that has been made as more and more stringent emissions standards without fouling diesel exhaust catalysts; an informative video for which we are very grateful.