We are a family run business supplying great quality UK-made marine engine oils and lubricants so that the shipping and leisure boating or sailing community can access the best of high performance oils that also help to reduce emissions.

Marine Engine Oil

NauticOil is driven by a vision to offer optimum oils and greases that perform over an ever longer service life and give your boat similar standards that would be achieved with modern high power diesel cars and vans.

Marine Engine Oil

Optimising Boat And Offshore Platform Lubrication

Available in 5 litre and 20 litre jerry cans initially and just as usable by plant, construction machinery, or trucks and inner-city buses, these are premium marine lubricants for inboard and outboard engines that you can rely on!

MTU Diesel Engine

Keep your main propulsion Wartsila, CAT MaK, or Scania diesel, LNG, or methanol fueled main engines or auxilary generator sets in a state of quality lubrication.

This will mean that they can safely and instantly start and run under heavy or variable loads with an E9 spec marine lubricant to keep the emissions low and work at its best if you have an EGR after-treatment or SCR catalyst fitted.

Medium Speed Marine Diesel Engine

These low SAPS marine engine oils from NauticOil bring a whole new level of quality and modern sophistication to the offshore and shipping world that is similar to the very latest in automotive on-road low emissions standards!

Our marine engine oils are for use in all inboard, outboard, or stationary marine propulsion 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines, crosshead engines, medium-or-high-speed auxiliary engines, or trunk piston engines running on gas, heavy fuel oil, marine gas oil, menthol, LNG (liquified natural gas), or biofuels.

Baudouin marine diesel engine tier ll
Above: A Baudouin Marine Diesel Fuelled Engine Power Plant – Manufactured In France.

We can supply multigrade engine oils to E9 spec 10W/30 or 15W/40 SHPD as well as SAE 30 viscosity with TBN 14 rating that is specially developed in the UK for use in trunk piston engines burning HFO or residual oil fuels as both cylinder and crankcase oil for ships as well as monograde SAE 40 oil for gas engines in CHP power plants.